Sunday, July 6, 2014

One by Two NC-17

All works posted are original stories. As such, they may not be copied or used without author's express permission.

A/N: The idea for this story came from a conversation with a new friend. Her twin brothers are Marines stationed overseas. This is for Neal and Nolan with a million thank yous.

One by Two NC-17


"They walk towards me, and while I know they would protect me with their lives, it doesn't mean I'm safe from them. My body is their playground, and they play like they work – hard. But then, their bodies are my mine to do with what I will, as well. Teasingly, I move my hands across my body, showing them where I want their hands and fingers and tongues, and they watch, hungrily. They are identical in every way, save one. One shows his moods with his mouth; a smug grin, a grimace, a hard line. With the other, it is his eyes, bright and clear when happy, dark and small when he is not. Now, as my hands tease my nipples and clit, green eyes turn the color of a storm-tossed sea - dark, dangerous, and a mouth lifts into a small, suggestive smirk. I bite my lip suggestively while my pulse races; I know they will mark me and make me scream."

The full story may be found here.

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