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Here and Now Chapt. 2 NC-17

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Here and Now Chapter 2 NC-17


As they step onto the dance floor, he pulls her close, catching the scent of her perfume again. He wonders if she’s always smelled this good and he’d been too young and stupid to notice. His pulse quickens as her body brushes his; he should be shocked by this hard, gut-wrenching attraction, but all he feels are her breasts against his chest and her hair brushing his chin as they sway, following the heavy bass.

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The song ends, but he’s not ready to leave the floor, to let her slip from his arms. She had fascinated him when they were kids, but now… Now, he’s no longer a kid, and she still fascinates him. He watches her dance, her arms and hips fluid, hypnotic. He sees her naked, over him, riding him and wants her silky hair brushing his stomach, wrapped tight in his fist.  He bites back a frustrated growl. 


I dance for him, my body saying what words can’t how I feel, here with him. I’m going to break rules. I’ve wanted him forever, since he was that kid in high school who made my heart race and legs tremble. He’s finally here and we’re all grown up. I want him up my skirt and down my panties.

 The floor is filling up fast, and we get out of everyone’s way, weaving our way to the edge of the bar. Will leaves to get fresh drinks, and like a bullet, Chrissie rushes over.

“Who is that?” she asks excitedly.

“An old friend,” I answer, trying hard to keep the smugness out of my voice. I know how Will looks to the girls. Fuck, he looks like that to me, too. But I’ve known him longer, so his gorgeousness isn’t the only thing he has going for him.

Chrissie seems determined to stick around until he gets back. When he does, his eyes rest on Chrissie for a moment, and his expression goes blank. Knowing that look, I stare at Chrissie until she takes the hint, wondering off without a word.  Will hands me my drink, raising that eyebrow again.

I move in close, so close that my breasts brush his chest. Rising on my toes so that my mouth brushes his ear, I say, “She asked me if I need a ride home tonight.” I feel no guilt for the blatant lie.


He bends his head, his hot breath on her ear. “And what did you tell her?” Jesus, she smells amazing. He almost licks the soft skin beneath her ear.

Dory presses herself against him a little harder, her hand on his chest, and feels his heart thumping hard against her palm. “I told her I definitely need a ride, but not from her.”

Will’s heart pounds in his chest. Fucking Christ. For a minute they stay as they are, pressed against each other, cheek to cheek; each wanting to brush their lips along the other’s skin, to taste, learn. They part reluctantly. Will takes her hand and finds a quiet corner, far from the dance floor as possible. Dory leans her back against the cool wall, while Will stands close, facing her. They fill in the blanks and notice how little changed between them, despite the years; they each are the same, to the other, and all the while, their fingers remain linked, rubbing, stroking, teasing.

Words fall off, and for long moments they say nothing. No words are needed; the air around them is charged with excitement.

“Let’s go.” It’s not a suggestion.

They barely make it through her front door. Her hands shake turning the key as Will presses his chest against her back, his mouth nipping her nape. He backs her against the door as it closes behind them. His mouth is hot and hard on hers, and she returns the kiss with her own heat, her tongue dancing, daring his for more. Her hands clutch his back but soon move to his shirt, working the buttons.

Will’s hands bury themselves in her hair, holding her head still as his mouth moves across her cheek to her ear, traveling down her neck. He bites the sensitive flesh at her shoulder, and buttons ping off the floor.


I push my hips against his, feeling his cock, long and hard, beneath the denim. My hands move over his shoulders to his chest. It’s broad, his stomach tight. Determined to make at least make it partially inside the house, I back him up towards the stairs. He puts his hand on my ass and presses his bulge against my hip as we walk.

His heels hit the back of the stairs unexpectedly. He catches his fall with his hand, landing on his ass with a small grunt. I follow him down, my body flat atop his. His hands grab my dress and pulling the shoulders down my arms to my waist. He captures a hard nipple, sucking greedily.  A loud moan builds in my throat, and I pull at the hem of my skirt, lifting it over my ass.

Will’s breath catches in his throat. Her skin is soft and supple under his hands, her nipple sweet on his tongue. He has a flashing thought of slowing them, but then she lifts her skirt over her hips. He reaches down and grabs her ass, sinking his fingers in the warm flesh as he thrusts his painfully hard cock against the little scrap of material covering her pussy. He feels her heat through the denim. He rocks her pussy over his cock, still trapped in denim and pulls her breast into his mouth.

Holy fucking hell! My brain screams, he is big and hard everywhere!  I’m dizzy, lost in waves of pleasure. When his mouth momentarily leaves my tits, I move; my turn to have my mouth on him. I slide down his body and my fingers find the fly of his jeans. His bare skin distracts me as I work to free him. I put my mouth on his chest, trailing my lips and tongue down his stomach until my tongue dips into his belly button. His hands bat mine out of the way as he frees himself, pushing his jeans past his hips trying to kick his shoes off at the same time.


Fuck! Her mouth!  Her soft lips and wet tongue working over his body pushes him closer to the edge. He forces himself still as she laps at his balls. Her mouth and tongue are constantly moving, driving him mad. He props his elbows on the step under him, raising his head to stare at her mouth as she reaches for him, wrapping her fingers around his cock and greedily licks from base to head.  He wants to wrap her hair in his fist and shove her mouth lower, swallowing him. His hands clench, his short nails digging into his palms.

He pulls her up for a kiss. His tongue thrusts hard into her mouth, a preview of what is to come as he tears away her underwear. She clutches his hair, pulling hard as she raises her hips, brushing her wet pussy over the length of his cock. He pushes his hand between their bodies, slipping his fingers through her wet folds to find her swollen clit. He rubs her wet nub, steady circles, causing her breath to hitch.


Jesus! Little more… little more… little more!  Waves of pleasure crash as I cum. My body shudders, and great gasps of breath are forced from my lungs.


As her legs quiver, Will enters her. She’s so impossibly tight, her hot, wet walls convulsing around him. He slides inch by inch until he’s buried, waiting until her body is no longer taut as a bow. Boneless now, she leans forward, placing her hands on the step behind his head. He lifts his lips to her, sliding his tongue along hers as he begins moving – short thrusts until her body adjusts, then longer, with sharp snaps of his hips.


My body responds instinctively, rising and falling over him, and unbelievably, a second orgasm builds. His hands are hard on my hips, gripping, controlling, and his eyes, bright and intense, are on mine. I can’t look away. A bead of sweat trickles down his jaw, and I lean forward to lick it away, then whisper in his ear, “Harder.”


He loses what little control he had left.  Wrapping his arm tight around her waist, he pushes away from the stairs to stand, then pivots and sets her feet on the floor at the base of the stairs. He kisses her hard, fast, then turns her, bending her low, grabbing her hands and placing them on the step.

“Hold tight, baby.”

He enters her from behind, slick and fast. Not giving her body a moment to recover, to adjust to his sudden invasion, he moves, and her excitement builds. The sound of sex fills the hallway, of skin slapping against wet skin. He runs his hand up the length of her back and reaches for her hair, pulling her head back. She moans louder as her pussy tightens around him.

Will feels her body begin to shudder, her pussy clenching tight. Grabbing her hips, he pushes hard against her one last time, then his cock explodes. 


We eventually make our way up the stairs to my bedroom. On my bed, I lie in his arms as our breathing slows to normal. I feel content and very, very satisfied. Sex is always enjoyable, but this was more, both physically and emotionally. It feels like a homecoming – a great big surprise party shared with the one person I love and missed most. I didn’t realize how much I missed him until I saw him tonight, when the years melted away. 


“We’re here now,” he whispers against her cheek. How something that feels this right can happen so suddenly is not something he plans on questioning. He feels as if their years apart never happened, that he was meant to come back, to find her and be with her.  He strokes her hair, and smiles at her sigh.

“Here and now,” she whispers back.


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